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Human Food Pets Should Never Eat

Feeding table scraps to dogs and cats may seem like a cost-effective, efficient, waste-free solution to managing leftovers. Most pets salivate at the idea to eat the food they watch their humans enjoy at the table. The various textures and flavors are appealing even to the most finicky of furry…

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Safe and Fun Halloween Costumes for Cats and Dogs

Halloween is a festive time of year for everyone in the family, including pets! Dogs and Cats should not miss out on the excitement of dressing up just because they have four legs. Make sure your dog and cat costumes this All Hallow's Eve are safe, fun and unique! Top…

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Pet Cancers in Cats and Dogs

One of the most heartbreaking diagnoses a pet owner can hear is that a beloved family pet has been stricken with a terminal illness. Like humans, cats and dogs can fall victim to cancerous tumors that can quickly be fatal. Luckily, if the disease is caught early enough, there are…

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Saying Goodbye to a Pet

Saying goodbye to a beloved member of the family is one of the most difficult trials a person can face. You have received comfort, joy and friendship from your pet.  You have grown close in a way that only exists between a person and a companion animal. Now that it…

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Adopting Adult and Senior Pets

There is a natural tendency for people to prefer adopting puppies. Newly weaned dogs are thought to be easier to train. They can grow accustomed to their new homes quickly before they develop any bad habits or attachments to other people or animals. They are also incredibly sweet at that…

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Pets and Heat Safety

A change in temperature can be more than a nuisance; it can be dangerous. Pet owners must be vigilant about keeping dogs and cats out of situations in which they will suffer from extreme heat. Pets who are left to brave great heat or cold may become gravely ill or…

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Flea and Tick Season

Summertime is upon us, and that means lots of sunshine and outside play for the entire family. This includes some of our most treasured family members, the pets. Running through the yard, playing in the grass or relaxing in the shade under a nearby tree are just a few things…

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Seasonal Pet Allergies

Dogs and cats suffer from allergic reactions that cause them unnecessary pain and suffering. Pet owners should learn how to spot seasonal allergies in a dog or cat and how to relieve these symptoms. Types of Pet Allergies A pet can develop allergic reactions to food, medicines and the environment.…

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Introducing a Cat and Dog to a New Household

There is always a challenge to introducing new pets to each other. This is never more apparent than when the pets in question are a dogs and cats. Because they have such different personalities, introducing a dog and a cat to each other can be problematic. Luckily, this can be…

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Leash Training for Cats

When most people consider taking pets for walks in the great outdoors, they immediately picture dogs happily wagging their tails as they trot by their owners' sides. However, dogs are not the only animals that enjoy walking in nature. Cats can be trained to walk on a leash. Many enjoy…

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