Boarding a pet is a situation that comes up more often than most pet owners would like. It is difficult to know what the best option is for your best friend when you will be away from home. Should you choose a boarding facility that specializes in pet hospitality or should you use your veterinarian’s boarding quarters so that your beloved pet will be close to excellent care?

Veterinarian Boarding

pet boarding

Fon Jon offers excellent pet boarding packages for dogs and cats

The pros of boarding with a veterinary hospital are surprisingly small. A singular pro to boarding with the veterinarian is that your dog will receive immediate, excellent care in the case of an emergency as long as that emergency takes place during the day. Surprisingly, many veterinarian boarding facilities employ unskilled personnel to watch after animals after hours. The minimal contact that they have with your dog will not be from the caring hands of your vet.

The cons to boarding with your veterinarian are unfortunately vast. Your dog likely equates the veterinary hospital with unfortunate situations. Because he or she probably only visits the veterinarian when ill, injured or to receive shots, staying at this facility may cause your pet undue stress. This stress causes more than mental anguish. It can keep your dog from eating, cause self-induced injury or lead to vomiting or diarrhea.

Dog kennels at veterinarian facilities are often small metal cages that are uncomfortable to most pets who are used to living and sleeping in warm homes. Staying in a harsh, cold environment for days or even weeks at a time can increase the stress of being boarded. In addition, most veterinary hospitals do not have a yard for playtime. Being cooped up in a cold crate for days at a time can cause mental stress as well as physical hardships for your best friend.

Perhaps the most troubling factor in using a veterinary boarding facility is that vacationing pets are housed next to those who are ill. At worst, they could become ill from being so close to communicable canine diseases for extended lengths of time. At best, they can sense the pain and suffering in the air. Dogs are extremely empathetic creatures. If a canine pal is suffering your dog is likely to share in their pain.

Pet Hotels

There are few cons to dog boarding at pet hotel. If they need special care while you are gone, the pet hotel may not be able to take your dog to the vet of your choosing. However, pet hotels like Fon Jon have a relationship with a variety of high quality vets.

There are many more pros to allowing your dog to vacation in a dog hotel while you are away from home. These facilities are often much more comfortable to pets. Many have areas that replicate a home like environment, making your pet feel more at ease. Dog hotels are also more apt to work with you and your pet’s special needs. You may be able to choose what type of food and treats your dog receives, which is not always the case at veterinary hospitals. You may also be able to specify whether your social dog spends time with other pets or if your more solitary companion should be walked solo.

A dog hotel that specializes in dog training can give your companion a boost while you are away. You may have the option of asking for your dog to be groomed or even receive pet training if he or she is a young puppy. Residents of San Diego and the surrounding areas often ask for cage free boarding, which can be an excellent option.

Dogs don’t stop needing companionship at five o’clock. The best dog hotels offer high quality after care. You can rest assured and enjoy your vacation knowing that your pet is comfortable and safe around the clock.

Another benefit to dog hotels is that they provide additional services besides 24-hour care. They often also offer doggie day care for those days that you know you will be in long meetings and can’t make it home to spend time with your pet. Dog day care is an excellent option for much loved animals that need companionship during the day that you simply can’t provide. A veterinary hospital rarely offers day care services.

Whichever choice you make, be sure to contact the facility in advance. Take a tour of the spots where your dog will be sleeping and playing. Ask about walks and potty breaks. If possible, get references and do research on your own before using the facility of your choice. Your dog is a vital part of your family. Make sure the spot your pet is staying is the best. If you need to board your pet, call Fon Jon Pet Care 858-490-2117 in San Diego and learn about the various services we offer.