You Deserve a Vacation and so Does Your Dog! Consider Dog Daycare and Boarding

dog daycare and boarding

The start of Spring is here, and with that comes warmer weather, Spring break, and vacation time. We’re sure you’ll be planning trips and making your packing lists, but there’s someone you can’t forget about when planning your vacation: your dog! Give your dog a vacation just as luxurious as yours with dog daycare and boarding. During the day, he’ll socialize and play with doggy friends and daycare attendants, and at night, he’ll get his beauty sleep in a private doggy condo all his own. When you can’t be home with your dog, daycare and boarding are the perfect way to make sure he’s safe, happy, and cared for!

Keep reading to find out how dog daycare and boarding can provide a great vacation for your furry friend.

Playtime and socialization

Socialization is very important for your dog. Even if he joins you on vacation, unless you have more than one dog or are going on your trip with someone else who has a dog, your dog may not be able to get the playtime he needs. This could lead to him being more difficult or destructive than usual, and if you’re staying with family or in a hotel this could make your vacation less relaxing and more stressful.

However, during dog daycare and boarding, your dog will spend his days playing with other boarding and daycare campers. He’ll get time for socialization and for exercise, making sure he’s properly worn out for bedtime each night. Of course, if your dog isn’t particularly social, you can also get private playtime for him. During private playtime, he’ll play one-on-one with a member of our staff who will make sure he gets the socialization and exercise he needs to stay happy and healthy during his stay!

Your pup can enjoy a spa day too!

When you’re on vacation, you might schedule some time to enjoy a spa day of pampering. You can provide your dog with that same relaxing experience when you bring him to Fon Jon Pet Care for dog daycare and boarding! Simply schedule a grooming appointment during your pup’s boarding stay or daycare session and you’ll pick him up groomed and happy. You can also choose our Executive Camper dog boarding package, which includes a basic bath, nail trim, and ear cleaning upon departure.

Our full-time pet groomer is here to provide all of your pup’s grooming needs, including bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, brushing, and de-shedding. Whatever your dog needs, we can provide it for you!

Private dens

At Fon Jon Pet Care, we believe that dog boarding should be just as luxurious of an experience as staying at a hotel is for humans. That’s why our camper accommodations are made up of climate-controlled private dens that have access to an outdoor patio. We also provide a variety of bedding options, toys, treats, and more, so your dog will have everything he needs for a fun and enjoyable stay with us!

At night, your pup will be able to sleep in his private den, and in the morning he’ll have the option of enjoying some time on his outdoor patio before being taken to our yard for his playtime!

Nature walks to make sure your dog gets the exercise and stimulation he needs

Finally, we believe that your dog’s walking routine should be kept up even during boarding. Sure, your pup will spend the day playing with other dogs in our yard, but a nature walk still provides the mental stimulation that playtime simply can’t. This is why our Executive Camper dog boarding package includes a nature walk during each day of your dog’s stay. Learn more about the importance of outdoor walks during boarding in our past blog.

Treat Your Dog with Dog Daycare and Boarding at Fon Jon Pet Care

So as you plan your vacation this summer and get ready for some rest and relaxation, consider letting your dog have a vacation of his own with dog daycare and boarding! At Fon Jon Pet Care, your dog will be supervised, well taken care of, and will get the exercise and socialization he needs while you’re away. Let Fon Jon Pet Care be his home away from home!

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