dog on a leash

If your dog is a new puppy, using treats to praise as they go potty will encourage them to learn where they go.

Does the thought of walking your dog terrify you? Is your dog known for not behaving well on the leash? If you’ve answered yes  to these questions then this article is for you! Below are 8 tips to help you and your pup have a better time taking walks together!

  1. Good Shoes

It’s important for you to have a good pair of sneakers for your feet. Since your dog’s behavior is sometimes unknown, having a nice pair of shoes will help your feet stay strong and sturdy and able to withstand whatever comes your way.

  1. Front Clip Harness

Front clip harnesses will provide much help for your dog. It will help keep your dog secure and will help with dogs that pull. Other types of leashes such as a retractable leash can be harmful to you and your dog. They can cause harm to your dog’s throat and neck area and can also cause harm to your arms and hands. Ask your local pet store to help you find a front clip harness that works for you.

  1. Treats  

If your dog is new to you or just a little puppy, make sure you’ve got plenty of treats. Having treats will help encourage your dog to learn to behave on the leash. Treats can also be used as a potty-training tool. If your dog is a new puppy, using the treats to praise as they go potty will encourage them to learn where they go.

  1. Doggy Bags

Whenever you’re taking your dog for a walk, make sure you have plenty of doggy bags with you. Picking up your dog feces is a must for a variety of reasons. One being, it helps reduce the possibility of illnesses or parasites spreading. Your dog may have something and you may not even know it. Also, we’ve all been that person who’s stepped in poo and been thoroughly annoyed. “If only they’d pick up the poo!” We’ve all been there. So make sure you have doggy bags and pick up the poo for everyone’s sake!

  1. Communication Skills 

    dog on harness

    Make sure you are communicating with your dog throughout the walk.

Whether your pup is young or just needs leash training, make sure you are communicating with your dog throughout the walk. Whether it’s simple yes or no commands or teaching phrases, communicating with your dog is vital. 

  1. Enough Time

Give yourself and your dog enough time for a walk. As with children, you must be patient with your dog and yourself. It takes time to build habits and teaching your dog how to walk on the leash. So give yourself at least half an hour each time you go for a walk. Once your dog learns how to walk, then you can adjust accordingly.

  1. Walk In Front/Lead

When walking your dog, make sure you are walking in front of them. This is vitally important so they know to follow you. Don’t let them go in front of you because then they think they are the leader. By walking in front of them and leading them, they know you are the leader, you are the boss.

  1. Let Them Sniff

Dogs are curious. Their noses are very sensitive. Let your dog sniff around. This is a natural thing for them. Letting your dog sniff while you are walking allows them to get to know the areas they are in.

Remember it will take time and patience for both of you. But by following these 8 simple steps, you and your pup will be dog walking pros! Good luck!