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Flea Patrol Season

It’s been a rough flea season for both dogs and cats.  Right around this time a year, we get those flea issues under control.  But then a new issue happens – the fleas find their way into our homes especially if our pets visit indoors. Although many think fleas are…

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Your Dog May Have To Pass On The Guacamole

Avocado season is in full swing and they seem to be everywhere. Whether you're adding avocado to your BLT or fixing a fresh batch of guacamole, it looks like you may have to ignore your dog's plea to toss some avocado bits in their direction. Though avocados are a super…

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The Truth Behind A Canine Good Citizen Certification

Is it worthwhile for your dog to undergo a Canine Good Citizen evaluation? It's not like your pooch is going to hang his certificate on the wall (well, probably not). But there are actually many worthwhile reasons to get this certification. Started by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1989,…

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The best way to teach puppies not to bite

Oh, puppies. Those adorable little wet noses. Those cute wagging tails. And oh yeah, those razor-sharp teeth! Dogs' baby teeth might be tiny, but they’re surprisingly strong. Puppies tend to experience the world through their mouths, tasting everything that comes their way (whether or not it's edible) and playing with…

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Tips for when your dog comes home after boarding

When San Diego dog owners come to pick up their pets from Fon-Jon Pet Care, it can be hard at times to say who's more excited—owners are ecstatic to see their pooches, and the pups are beside themselves with joy. After all, even though we do everything we can to…

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Purrrfect Cat Care at Fon-Jon

Although many of our blogs tend to lean towards dog care and dog training, we can’t forget how much we love taking care of cats at Fon-Jon. While the dogs are playing outside, the cats stretch out in their own suites. Aside from the spacious kitty condos, we also have…

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Vince’s Daycamp Corner

Just a quick check in this week! I'm sure you're all wondering just how my baby Cam is doing, well, she's still missing the adorable Amos a little bit but fortunately she's got her best buds out in daycare to keep her company. Catahoula mix Bella and Maeby, a Boxer…

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Training Tips – Recall!

Recall Training Welcome to our first ever installment of Fon Jon's Training Tips Series. With the success of our Doggie Daycare blog, the revered Manuel Villanueva has deemed me worthy of scribing his wealth of knowledge to share with you so that you can better understand your dog and become…

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Dog Training is an Ongoing Thing

When it comes to dog training, many are mistaken into thinking that once their dog’s obedience training is completed, there is nothing else that needs to be done. This is a huge misconception. Like learning something new, such as a musical instrument, sport, or even language, we constantly need to…

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