Dog Training: Tips on How to Stop a Dog From Barking

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Just like humans are expected to speak, dogs are expected to bark. This is their form of communication. However, you don’t want a dog that barks excessively. Your dog may bark for a variety of reasons, such as seeking attention, feeling territorial, playing, boredom, fear, excitement, and separation anxiety. It can be helpful to know… Read More

8 Simple Dog Walking Tips to Make Your Next Walk Easier Than Ever!

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Does the thought of walking your dog terrify you? Is your dog known for not behaving well on the leash? If you’ve answered yes to these questions then this article is for you! Below are 8 dog walking tips to help you and your pup have a better time taking walks together! Even if your… Read More

Dog Training Methods: How to Train Your Dog With Positive Reinforcement

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Unraveling the ins and outs of a dog’s mind can be challenging even for experienced dog owners. There are a variety of dog training methods that can be used to help shape your dog’s behavior. Just keep in mind that when training is needed, whether for a novelty trick or vital safety, there is one… Read More

The Importance of Dog Training During Boarding

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Whether it’s a vacation or a business trip, going out of town means that you need to find the perfect place to board your dog. Your top concern is finding the safest dog boarding facility for your pet. After this, you’ll likely consider the boarding environment and try to find one that works for your… Read More

Canine Good Citizen Training: Preparing Your Dog

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Is it worthwhile for your dog to go through the process of Canine Good Citizen training? It’s not like your pooch is going to hang his certificate on the wall (well, probably not). But there are actually many worthwhile reasons to get this certification. Started by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1989, the Canine… Read More

Tips for Continuing Dog Training

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When it comes to dog training, many are mistaken into thinking that once their dog’s obedience training is completed, there is nothing else that needs to be done. This is a huge misconception. Like learning something new, such as a musical instrument, sport, or even language, we constantly need to practice otherwise we will lose… Read More

Basic Dog Training Tips

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Training a dog, whether a new puppy you’ve just brought home or your dog that you’ve had for years who has developed some habits that need changing, is never easy. Even with the best dog, training takes a lot of time and patience and can be difficult, so we’ve listed some tips that we hope… Read More

Dog Training on a Busy Schedule

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You have a jam-packed schedule that is too tight to allow for another commitment. How can you attend the training classes your dog needs? Don’t put off training any longer. Instead, consider one of these other options that will work with even the busiest schedules while also providing your dog with much-needed training. In-Lodge Dog… Read More

Training and Lodging Do Mix: A Guide to Finding the Best for Your Dog

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A trip out of town, whether for work or play, requires you to find the perfect spot for your pets. Your top concern may be which dog boarding facility is safest. You may consider which environment seems most comfortable for your dog. Other factors, like cost and location, may influence your decision. All of these… Read More