Tips to Make Dog Nail Trimming Easy and Stress-Free

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Dog nail trimming is an important part of keeping your furry friend happy, healthy, and looking good. The only problem? Nail trimming can be an anxiety-inducing experience for many dogs. If you’re a pet parent dealing with a pup that is less than enthusiastic about this part of dog grooming, you’ve come to the right… Read More

Summer Dog Grooming: 6 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool and Comfortable

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Summer means lots of things for your dog. Longer days provide more opportunities to play and warm weather means more time spent outside walking or swimming. However, it also means that some summer dog grooming adjustments may have to be made. You know that winter calls for specific dog grooming requirements, and summer has some… Read More

Tips for Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

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The cleanliness of your dog’s ears is incredibly important to your dog’s health but often forgotten. These are also very sensitive areas, so keeping them clean and healthy isn’t as simple or easy as bathing the rest of your dog’s body. With these tips, we hope that cleaning your dog’s ears won’t seem so intimidating!… Read More

Flea and Tick Season

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Summertime is upon us, and that means lots of sunshine and outside play for the entire family. This includes some of our most treasured family members, the pets. Running through the yard, playing in the grass or relaxing in the shade under a nearby tree are just a few things that most pets enjoy when… Read More