Why Your Dog Needs a Consistent Routine – And How Doggy Day Care Can Help

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If you want your dog to be happy and well-adjusted, a routine is crucial. She should know when to expect to be fed, exercised, and more. Without this structure in her life, she may misbehave and become anxious. However, we have responsibilities that might stop us from being consistent with our dogs’ routines. When this… Read More

4 Ways Dog Boarding Facilities Help Care For Your Dog During Pet Wellness Month

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October is Pet Wellness Month! We know that Pet Wellness is top of mind for every pet parent, which is why it’s one of our priorities too. Dog boarding facilities like Fon Jon Pet Care provide top-quality dog care services designed to help keep your dog healthy and happy. Keep reading to find out how… Read More

Dog Boarding Options – How to Choose the Best Option for Your Dog

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Whether you travel the world, attend business conferences across the country, or fly to see your relatives or friends, we all spend time away from home. Although we know every pet parent would love to travel with our loyal companion alongside us, this isn’t always possible, for various reasons. Sometimes, as much as it may… Read More

8 Simple Dog Walking Tips to Make Your Next Walk Easier Than Ever!

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Does the thought of walking your dog terrify you? Is your dog known for not behaving well on the leash? If you’ve answered yes to these questions then this article is for you! Below are 8 dog walking tips to help you and your pup have a better time taking walks together! Even if your… Read More

Keep Your Dog Calm & Comfortable This 4th of July With Dog Boarding in San Diego County

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For us as humans, the 4th of July holiday represents a lot of positive things: a long weekend, time with friends and family, summer fun, great food, and more. Unfortunately for our furry friends, the 4th of July means loud, noisy fireworks that cause nothing but fear and anxiety. If your dog suffers from anxiety… Read More

You Deserve a Vacation and so Does Your Dog! Consider Dog Daycare and Boarding

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The start of Spring is here, and with that comes warmer weather, Spring break, and vacation time. We’re sure you’ll be planning trips and making your packing lists, but there’s someone you can’t forget about when planning your vacation: your dog! Give your dog a vacation just as luxurious as yours with dog daycare and… Read More

Dog Bathing Tips From Fon Jon Pet Care’s Grooming Professionals

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When it comes to preparing for having guests over for the holidays or any time of year, it starts with cleaning up your home and making sure everything is neat and tidy. However, when you have a dog, preparing for guests doesn’t stop there. Your next step is making sure your dog is as clean… Read More