Exercising Your Dog in Summer: An Ultimate Guide

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Exercising your dog is a necessity and when the seasons change you must be equipped for the weather that the season brings. Summer is a tricky season for exercising your dog and keeping them safe in hot conditions is imperative. Avoiding heat exhaustion, heatstroke, burned paws, and other heat-induced conditions can be done by following… Read More

10 Frozen Dog Treat Recipes For the Summer

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As the weather heats up, frozen treats for your dog is a great alternative to your typical dog biscuits. Making treats that help keep your dog cool and are delicious has become easier than ever, with a few ingredients from your grocery store and your freezer. These goodies do not require extensive steps or ingredients… Read More

How Much Water Does Your Pet Need?

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As a pet owner, your primary concern is ensuring that your dog or cat is safe, happy and healthy. One area that even the owner with the best intentions forgets is the amount of fresh water that is necessary for a pet to consume each day. Water Needs of Felines Filling a bowl of water… Read More

Keeping Your Cat Cool When the Weather’s Hot

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Though they’re called the “dog days” of summer, when the weather heats up it affects your cat, too! It can be harder to notice the impact that heat can have on your kitty, since cats are cool customers—by the time your cat is visibly acting uncomfortable, that means your cat is extremely uncomfortable. Here are… Read More