How to Recognize and Reduce Anxiety in Dogs

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Dogs are happy creatures by nature. In most cases, it’s obvious when your dog is feeling sad or overwhelmed. What happens when your dog’s personality changes from joyous and carefree to somber and morose? Can dogs even have anxiety? When is anxiety in your pet a problem? Keep reading to learn how to recognize and… Read More

Why Your Dog Needs a Consistent Routine – And How Doggy Day Care Can Help

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If you want your dog to be happy and well-adjusted, a routine is crucial. She should know when to expect to be fed, exercised, and more. Without this structure in her life, she may misbehave and become anxious. However, we have responsibilities that might stop us from being consistent with our dogs’ routines. When this… Read More

4 Ways Dog Boarding Facilities Help Care For Your Dog During Pet Wellness Month

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October is Pet Wellness Month! We know that Pet Wellness is top of mind for every pet parent, which is why it’s one of our priorities too. Dog boarding facilities like Fon Jon Pet Care provide top-quality dog care services designed to help keep your dog healthy and happy. Keep reading to find out how… Read More

8 Simple Dog Walking Tips to Make Your Next Walk Easier Than Ever!

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Does the thought of walking your dog terrify you? Is your dog known for not behaving well on the leash? If you’ve answered yes to these questions then this article is for you! Below are 8 dog walking tips to help you and your pup have a better time taking walks together! Even if your… Read More

Dog Vaccines: Needed and Necessary for Dog Boarding San Diego

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Pet owners spend significant time worrying about their pets’ needs prior to dog boarding San Diego. You may stress about whether or not your dog will be happy in your absence. You might fret about whether or not your pet will sleep or eat their food. You may even be concerned about their safety when… Read More

How Dog Daycare in San Diego Can Improve Your Dog’s Behavior

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If you’ve been considering and researching dog daycare, you’re probably aware that it has many benefits. What you may not yet be aware of, though, is that sending your dog to daycare even on just a weekly basis can help improve his behavior. If you’re considering dog daycare in San Diego, keep reading to learn… Read More

The Benefits of Neighborhood Walks During Overnight Dog Boarding

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Overnight dog boarding can be stressful if you are unsure of what to expect. Prior to taking your dog to a facility for dog boarding, talk with your provider about the services they offer. The best doggy daycare facilities offer clean beds, outdoor access, and regular playtime. However, another less common service that is highly… Read More